Friday, November 21, 2014

The Temporary and The Eternal

The 'temporary' and the 'Eternal' weighed heavily on my mind this morning as I lay in bed.
"What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet foreit their souls." Matthew 16:26
God you have been speaking to my heart about simplifying our lives - getting rid of clutter and giving away things.  We have an over abundance of material possessions... I'm not talking about big screen tv's and stereo systems...
I'm talking about things... things we've accumulated through the years.
I don't remember why we purchased so many things, or where these things all came from but I look around and see them everywhere and I am somewhat ashamed that we felt so privileged to even have this much stuff to begin with!
Why do we do this?  Why are we so easily sucked into buying things that we don't need and only temporarily want?  Why do we fall into these traps?
Because of our own foolishness... yes... that is my conclusion.
I feel like a fool.
Through all my children's lives I have given in frivolously to their wants and have accumulated enough toys, books, electronics etc., to have numerous garage sales once they grew out of using them anymore.  They wanted for nothing!
What were we teaching our children?
We were teaching them that it is okay to live materialistic lives, that there were no consequences of living this way.  It was okay to be greedy. 
What about their hearts? What about 'It's better to give than to receive'? 
I am humbled.
The last few years I have been unable to work and we have not had money for extra things.  In fact my boys have needed to buy many things on their own with money they had earned through work.  I believe this has been a good lesson for them and an awesome lesson for us.
The boys now understand the value of money and realize that they were very, (overly) blessed before.  They see us simplifying our lives and getting rid of clutter and I think they are being influenced by this too.
We were wrong to bring up our children this way, we see this clearly now that we do not have the means to be materialistic, and now God has taken the desire to accumulate things away.  We do not want to gain the world and lose our souls, but we do want to honor God in everything we do.
We just 'get it' now, after 21 years of marriage!  I sure hope our boys learn from our mistakes.  Life has changed so much and our desires have changed drastically since we were married and I am so thankful they have.
Thank you God for changing our hearts and minds.  Thank you for showing us that our treasure is not in temporary possessions but in our relationship with you and in the people you send us to love.
This year we have chosen to give up the Christmas gifts for a family vacation, time together before the boys go off to school/work.
I must tell you that it feels so good to not have to go to the mall during this time of year.  I have come to hate the commercialism that Christmas holds.  I want it to be ALL JESUS.
May my heart be forever focused on the ETERNAL.
With much love and many blessings

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